We come from the mountain to bring the funk.

Drawing inspiration from across the musical spectrum to create their unique "Mountain Funk" sound, Surprise Attack thrives on collaboration and improvisation. The group’s five members share a deep connection and a passion for uncompromising, progressive music that keeps listeners guessing and always lands somewhere unexpectedly familiar.

Personnel (from top left to bottom right):

Jeremy Begun - Keyboards & Vocals

Tom Casey - Guitar & Vocals

Jay Rowe - Percussion

Dan Durazo - Bass & Vocals

Ian Frye - Drums & Vocals

The band is unabashedly jam-oriented, with optimistic uptempo songs flavored by mountain bluegrass, swirling improvisations, and psychedelia that will make you want to get up and dance.  Virginia Craft Beer Magazine

There’s no wonder why they call themselves “Surprise Attack,” their music is anything but boring.​ The Jamwich


It is clear to me from the recordings that Surprise Attack is having as much fun making this music as I am having listening to it. Ragin' Randy Entertainment

The group has a unique blend of musical styles and collaborates as a cohesive unit. – Jam Band Purist

I love the sound these guys are putting out. It’s really cool to hear what these guys are doing. – DC Music Rocks


The music is fun! It’s got this real loose, fun feel.  – Another Wasted Hour

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